collingwood wedding | lindsay & sam

Collingwood is a pretty little town on Georgian Bay, at the foot of Blue Mountain. A favourite spot of cottage weekenders, boaters and winter sports lovers, it's buzzing with activity on any given weekend. It's full of people who are rushing to relax as much as possible in the span of a weekend, packing in action and downtime with professional vigour.

It was in this vibrant place that Lindsay and Sam chose to exchange their vows. On a sunny day in August, beneath the grove of willow trees waving in the bay breeze are two very laid-back best friends, waiting to get married. Despite the fact that they've only flown in from Calgary a few days before, that they planned a whole wedding from across the country, and that they were both incredibly busy with work leading up to the festivities, there's not a ripple of tension to be seen. On the morning of their wedding day, as Lindsay walks to meet Sam under the willows, both of them look as if they haven't a care in the world. Nothing matters but the moment, and living inside of it.

On Lindsay and Sam's first date, they were sitting in a park listening to music on Lindsay's laptop and drinking beer concealed in water bottles. As they got to know each other, Lindsay was in the middle of telling a story in her usual enthusiastic fashion. At some point, her animated gesturing spilled the remainder of her beer all over her laptop. As Sam helped her mop it up, he had a feeling this charmingly clumsy girl was something special. Lindsay noted his patience and caring nature and hoped there would be many more dates to come.

Lindsay and Sam, you two have the most marvelous senses of humour and it's amazing seeing how you  make each other truly glow with laughter. Thank you so much for inviting me and Brian to document your big day. You and your families are the best kind of people, and we couldn't have been happier to be there to capture all the fun you had together as it happened.

I love that Lindsay's dress had a hoop skirt underneath. This girl is not afraid of a little drama.

Lindsay and Sam chose to do a first look, which gave us plenty of time for portraits before the ceremony. It's always so exciting photographing the charged moment of a couple seeing each other in their finery before the ceremony begins.

I know this is getting to be a lot of photos, but I couldn't resist sharing this fairly epic bouquet toss. Such spirit!

I am always thrilled when a couple suggests sneaking away from their reception for a few minutes for some romantic nighttime photos. Let's end on this note.


Venue: Bear Estate, Cranberry Resort  //  Coordinator: Diana Simpson  //  Caterer: Cranberry Resort  //  Photography: Dallas Curow Photography, with Brian Fauteux  //  Florist: Smart's Flowers  //  Baker: Gabi Koehle  //  Dress: consignment // DJ: Talbot Biermans  // Officiant: George Potton  // Hair: Trish //  Makeup: Dallas Curow and Trish

A very special thank-you goes out to my sweet friend Courtney, Lindsay's sister and Maid of Honour, for recommending me. You're the best, Courtney!!