ancaster mill wedding | karly & jonathan

Karly is an enthusiastic reader, and the stories she likes best are always ones with elements of wonder and magic. On the morning of her wedding day, her eyes danced as she talked about her latest favourites, as well as the books that have touched her throughout her young life. C.S. Lewis' The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe was touched upon, as the series had in fact been one of the inspirations throughout her wedding planning.

In our earlier correspondence, she explained how she loves the feeling of being transported by book or a film and that she hoped her wedding day would have a similar effect, that she and her husband-to-be, Jon, would feel swept away by their day, and that it would feel heightened in some way.

When Karly walked arm in arm with her parents under a flowering archway towards Jon; when the sun peeked out from the clouds just enough to create an ethereal haze; when they celebrated in a cozy candlelit room of a heritage building; when guests marvelled over the perfect macarons that Jon (a chef) had created as favours, and when we found a perfect Narnia-esque lantern for nighttime portraits — I couldn't help but smile and think that Karly's vision for a magical day had materialized perfectly.

Karly and Jon, being there to photograph your wedding day at the Ancaster Mill was a complete privilege for me and Brian. We we so happy to see you tie the knot and document all the love that surrounds you and that lives between you. Congratulations from the bottom of our hearts!

The love in Karly's family is so heartwarming. Her mom Susanne and cousin Vanessa were both the biggest sweethearts, and I really enjoyed the time we spent together as I did their makeup in the morning.

The bridal suite at the Ancaster Mill is so pretty! It was a perfect place for Karly to put the final touches on her beautiful wedding day look.

Isn't she one of the most breathtaking brides you've ever seen?

After portraits, celebrations continued in the 1812 room. I was seriously impressed by the quality of service at the Ancaster Mill. The staff were incredibly professional and courteous, and I was happy to see they treated Jon and Karly with extra thoughtfulness since Jon works at a restaurant owned by the same company, or in their words is, "part of our family."

Karly's adorable cousin from Scotland performed a Taylor Swift song as a gift to the bride and groom. I'm pretty sure the hearts of everyone in the room melted at this point in the evening.

Karly and Jon opted to take some nighttime portraits, which is always a a lot of fun. I love when couples choose to sneak away for a few minutes, as it give them little bit of time to breathe and just enjoy each other's company away from the reception, and it can result in some pretty romantic photos, too.


Venue and Catering: Ancaster Mill  //  Officiant: Reverend McNally  //  Photography: Dallas Curow Photography, with Brian Fauteux  //  Florist: Blooms and Posies  //  Baker: Lakeview Pastry and Chocolates  //  Dress: The Bride's Project  //  Shoes: Sacha London  // Hair: Teo Hair and Bodyworks  // Makeup: Dallas Curow  // Harpist: Siobhan Kerr  //  DJ: Bill Copeland DJ Services