portraits of sara in toronto

I've been working on little projects this summer in my spare time. In the few open hours between shooting and travelling and editing, I've been doing more of the exact same things, but for my own side projects. One such venture is a bridal beauty lookbook. It will be a little booklet for my clients filled with different makeup looks to help them describe to me what they're seeking for their big day. It will essentially function as a beauty menu, and a jumping-off point from which we'll customize and tweak and create the perfect look for them.

After dreaming up the various looks, I've been testing them on some sweet models, people who have graciously offered their time and faces to let me experiment. My first volunteer was Sara, who I met when she was a bridesmaid at Staci and Dan's wedding. Sara was in town from Ottawa, and worked with me for a few hours in the sweltering summer heat of Toronto. In addition to the close-up portraits for my lookbook, we did some portraits, just for fun.

Sara, you're such a lovely lady. A big thanks to you and Lex for giving up a few precious hours of your weekend visit to come help me out. You're the best!