portraits of katie in toronto

Katie was the second person to model for my bridal beauty lookbook. I met her at the beautiful home she shares with her husband, Eric. We did a soft and natural makeup look with big, flowy hair and shot the photos in her home and on her balcony. Katie and I first met, years ago, through the magic of the internet and mutual friends. She was one of the first people to volunteer for me over six years ago when I was building my porfolio after moving to Montreal. We met and shot at Hotel2Tango in Mile End, where Katie and Eric (both musicians) were in the middle of lending their talents to a friend's album.

It was so much  fun to photograph her back then, and even better now, many years later. Katie, you've grown even lovelier over the past few years and it's so great to have you in front of my camera again. Thanks for always being so generous with your time for my projects!