portraits of courtney in owen sound

When Courtney was in school for photography and fine-tuning her skills, she developed an interest in and a knack for self-portraiture. I've always found that to be a really specific and admirable skill, one which demands a lot of precision. One thing that I've noticed about people who've mastered self-portraiture is the grace with which they move, and their detailed understanding of their own face and relationship to the camera.

Photographing Courtney was a true pleasure. She understands light, movement and angles, and she also has a natural magical quality that the camera adores. Courtney, thank you so much for lending me your star power for our time together. I look forward to the next time we get to work together!

Beauty notes: Courtney's brown smoky eye look is a mix of browns from MAKE UP FOR EVER including Brown 98 and Cafe Latte 164. The Pink lipstick she's wearing in the first look is MAC St. Germain, and the red one from the second look is MAKE UP FOR EVER Mat 8.