claire and jesse's toronto engagement portraits

We met on the first day of this summer's heat wave in Toronto. It was hot and humid, but the storm had stilled itself just in time for our meeting, and I was so happy to finally connect in person with this lovely couple with whom I'd been communicating for months. To help me recognize them at our chosen meeting place of White Squirrel, Claire sent me two great photos, one of which pictured her trying on a hat piled with butterflies. In that moment, I was certain we'd get along famously.

This is a couple with creativity in spades. Claire and Jesse have much in common: many mutual friends, an affinity for travel, and a love of great music and classic cocktails. They also share a warmth and a friendliness that is striking upon meeting them. When they first encountered each other, their connection was instant. A mutual affection and trust bloomed so quickly that—within 15 minutes of meeting—they were already considering travelling to San Francisco together. As they got to know each other, each found it hard to imagine their life without the other in it. Their bond is immediately apparent, and nothing short of inspiring.

For their engagement portraits, we met in Toronto's Trinity-Bellwoods Park, where I swear the sun showed its face through the roiling clouds just for them. Claire and Jesse, I can barely wait for your wedding later this month. I know the day will be filled with  art, music and lots of love!

We walked the short distance from Trinity-Bellwoods to Swan, one of Claire and Jesse's favourite restaurants, where they were having dinner immediately following our time together.

A special thanks goes out to my friend Sarah Lolley for sending Claire and Jesse my way. I am so grateful!