this week in pictures

This week our little, temporary home in Madison has been graced by three wonderful friends: Mark was here until last wednesday, and our other friends Ian and Jenn arrived on Saturday, and are staying until we all drive back to Canada together later this week. Carpool! Brian and I feel beyond spoiled I to have three of our favourite Montrealers in town during one week. We're enjoying every second of their company, and doing lots of exploring during the gorgeous weather that's been happening here in the Midwest. Summer is here, friends. Let's do this.

When Mark was here, we ventured out to The House on the Rock, which is one of the craziest attractions I've ever visited.

With Ian and Jenn, we've been seeing lots of different parts of the city, and soaking up the sun. 

I admire this girl's method of transporting her party supplies.

Rhubarb lemonade on a hot summer night. This week is starting off beautifully, and I hope yours is too :)