this week in pictures

It was a quiet week here in Madison. Mere hours after we moved into our new sublet, Brian and I woke at 4 am so I could drive him to the airport. He spent the next 10 days in Portland, Oregon and Victoria, BC for a bachelor party and a conference. I was here, working and setting up the new place and getting to know our new neighbourhood. Now, as I write, I'm just home from picking up Brian from his redeye flight home and both he and our friend Mark, who arrived here from Montreal yesterday, are sleeping off their respective jet lag. I'm opening up all the curtains, streaming New Girl, making tea, and letting the daylight into the apartment.

I had 10 days to myself to think, work and explore new parts of Madison on my own. Apart from my skype conversations with friends and family, I spent all that time alone. It's the longest time I've ever spent alone in my life. Although a bit lonely (and a little frightening, in the case of the tornado watch), I came out of the solo time with an amazing upgrade to my mental and creative clarity. It feels great. Better, though, is the feeling of knowing two of my favourite people are just paces away from me, and soon to awake. 

Here are a few moments from the past week, and my wanderings. I hope you guys had great weekends, and that your weeks shape up to be lovely!