the week(s) in pictures

Hey there! I hope your weekends were lovely. I actually haven't been taking too many personal photos over the last two weeks between our move and all my client work. Here are just a few random moments from the past two weeks.

It's storm season. On Friday night, I experienced my first midwestern tornado watch. I was home alone in a brand new apartment, totally freaked out and constantly hitting refresh on three different weather websites while thunder and lightning carried on outside my windows. Just as I prepared to barricade myself in the cellar and feel my panic attack go into overdrive, the storm ended and the watch was lifted. Later, after I sheepishly closed all my google searches for "how to survive a tornado" and wrote to my friend Anda, a Wisconsin native, to ask her about tornado watches and other such weather frights. She reassured me that while tornados are a serious thing in this state (her own town was flattened by a twister when she was a kid), Madison is relatively protected by its geography. Good to know! Cue regular heart rate.

It's barbeque and lilac season! Two of the best scents in the world mingle in the warm night air to make a tantalizing aroma in our new neighbourhood. Sustainable meats and produce are a huge part of Madison's food culture, so cookouts smell and taste extra good. 

It's patio season. Have I mentioned how gorgeous Madison is during the warmer months? Did you know we're surrounded by lakes? One of the most beautiful places in the city is the UW Memorial Union Terrace, a sprawling patio outside a student union building, right on the water. You can have a beer, or taste some amazing ice cream made by the agriculture program! I plan to spend a lot of time here this summer.

Lastly, here's an outtake from a new series I'm working on for Beauty Editor. It's a three-part series on how to get better profile pics. This photo was pulled from the posing dos and don'ts post. I'm really excited to share this with you soon. Thanks to Brian for helping out with these posts!