the scents of summer

I have a little bit of an obsession with fragrances. I've spent hours exploring over on Fragrantica, an impressive site that's teeming with information and even lets you assemble your own "shelf" of preferred perfumes. I can date my keen interest in scents back to when I snuck into a tour of a perfume factory with an Estonian tour group. Although it was difficult to hear the information as it was rapidly being translated for the Estonians, I did come away with a great amount of information on the process of creating new scents, and the fascinating trade of "noses" as the worlds tiny and elite circle of perfume creators are so called.

I like to change up my fragrances often, especially by the season, so that when I smell them again, they bring back a rush of memories from a specific place and time. Sometimes I'll even bring a sample sized bottle of new fragrance on each vacation so that I can take an olfactory trip down memory lane anytime I open the bottle again.

When I recently received a package from the Demeter Fragrance Library, I fell deeply in lust with a few of the scents, which to me are quintessentially summer. The thing that's always gotten me about Demeter's products is the powerful nostalgia factor. Each scent is a singular, focusing on one key note, and each one is highly evocative and shockingly true-to-life.

My favourites from the package I received were definitely Swimming Pool, Sunshine and Grass. Each one is truly reminiscent of some of the best aspects of summer: poolside lounging, the warmth of bright sunny days, and freshly cut grass. Of the three, Sunshine is the standout. It's quite similar to Memoire Liquide's Vacances Liquide (one of my all-time favourites) but at a much more palatable price point. Also, the body oil format allows the notes to linger longer on your skin, all while softening it.

My friend Roz and I also stopped by one of the Demeter stands at Loblaws this week to check out a few more scents. After fairly exhaustive testing, we decided on some mutually agreed upon faves for summer:

Honeysuckle, Jasmine, Lilac (these three would layer nicely, in fact), Salt Air, Wet Garden, Clean Skin, Cucumber, and Moonbeam.

The thing I really like about this line of fragrances is their propensity for being layered. They're subtle enough to blend together nicely according to your tastes without creating a nightmare scent explosion, and they're long-lasting without being overbearing. All in all, I'd give Demeter Fragrances a great review, particularly for their creativity and boldness. With scents like Crayon, Earthworm, Green Tomato and Lobster, they're not afraid to go waaaay out their when it comes to experimentation. That is something I definitely respect.