A while back, I posted about my friend Christina opening up an amazing online store called SOOP SOOP. Do you remember? Well this spring, she and her partner Jordan opened a brick and mortar location of their popular online shop! Last time I was in Toronto, I had a chance to go check it out after hours when they were preparing for a long weekend sale.

SOOP SOOP sells a combination of vintage finds, reformed items that have been reinvented in incredibly stylish ways, and a new house line of original designs. Everything is excellent quality and instantly wearable.

All the awesome artwork that decorates the store and the cat t-shirt below were created by Jordan, who also happens to be my designer (and great friend, of course!). See if you can spot Zack Morris in a few frames.

They also stock Scotch Naturals nail polish, which is my favourite brand.

Congratulations you guys. I'm so proud of you!

When we visited the shop, Brian and I went on a little shopping spree to pick up some new pieces for our casual spring/summer wardrobes. Everything except for the polka dot dress is from SOOP SOOP. I'm stocked up and totally ready for cottage weekends, picnics and music festivals galore! Be sure to go check it out for yourself if you're in Toronto, or visit the online shop from anywhere in the world.


168 Gladstone Avenue (just south of Dundas)
Toronto, ON M6J 3L2 CANADA
phone: 647-748-7667

store hours: 
wednesday through saturday 12pm to 7pm
sunday 12pm to 5pm 24/7