mind, body, spirit | june

It's time for the June edition of Mind, Body, Spirit where I round up discoveries, decisions, and other delights that have been good to me this month.

MIND: Earlier this week, we went to the Milwaukee Art Museum with Ian and Jenn (see image above). What an awesome place! They have an incredible special exhibit right now, 30 Americans, which is a wonderfully curated collection of works by 30 African-American artists. The commentary on race, politics, gender and cultural identity is deeply thought-provoking and the creativity of these artists is off the charts. I'm also looking forward to checking out Lost in the Memory Palace by Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller, which is currently at the AGO and has been highly recommended by several friends.

BODY: Last week I experienced a chocolate miracle—the discovery of the Firecracker Bar by Chuao Chocolatier. Dark chocolate with sea salt, smoky chipotle and pop rocks. Need I say more? I wish I could have bought a case to bring back to Canada with me.

I've been doing Daily Burn workouts at my gym in Madison, and they're awesome! Now that I'm on the road, I'm thinking of continuing with an online subscription. The great thing is that the company offers a free 30-day trial, so I can see if I have the willpower to step away from my work and get moving at whatever home or hotel room I'm staying in. I'd love to know if you've worked out with online/mobile videos, and what your experiences with those were like.

SPIRIT: Two songs really touched my heart this month. Bryson Andres's cover of Lana Del Rey's Young and Beautiful is haunting and so pretty. What a talented artist! Also, my best friend Jennie pointed me to Best Day by Dala. We saw this Canadian duo a few years back and were really impressed by their beautiful harmonies. Best Day is short and sweet, perfect for a summer weekend with your best girls. It also reminded me a lot of all the great memories Jennie and I share from being in a band together throughout our four years of undergrad.

Also, there's nothing better for the summer spirit than simple cheese and cracker (and wine) picnics by the water.