happy father's day

"My favourite pictures are always black and white, because they let you use your imagination and add whatever colours you like."

If you met him, you might never guess that my dad is an investment advisor. He favours rustic hats and hiking boots, and can be found carving and using his own walking sticks (as seen above). He is zen, thoughtful, creative, empathetic, and one of the most eloquent writers in the world.

I was telling him yesterday that I got a nice shot of him on my birthday when we all went out for a hike. He said he'd like to see it in black and white, explaining his reasoning in the quote above.

My dad is one of my greatest role models, so I thought that today, just a few days shy of Father's Day, I would tell you a little bit about him. I don't normally write too much about my dad here on my blog, because he a private person and is a little baffled as to why I would be so candid about my own life online.

You see, despite being a very successful businessperson, my dad utterly refuses to use email, and has only in the past few years developed an interest in the wonders of Google. Thankfully, he works with two wonderful women (hi, K & C!) who help him out in this regard. Dad, I hope you don't mind being in the spotlight today, in my little corner of the internet. Sharing online, you see, is one way in which we Millienials show our love.

Though he has at times jokingly described himself as a "happy capitalist," my dad's greatest priority in life has always been his family, and he has never for a second put us second to his career achievements, which themselves have been beyond impressive.

This is a man who deeply enjoys life, who reveres nature, who has countless lifelong friends, and whose favourite activities include snowmobiling, golf, talking on the phone with his buddies, and building his epic rare rum collection (which has grown so extensive it now has its own room in my parents house).

Throughout my entire life, I can count the words of advice my dad has given me on one hand. He doesn't seem to believe in it, preferring to put his faith and love in his children and trust in their ability to forge their own ways in the world. Even when I've point blank asked him at times, "what should I do with my life?" he has only ever replied, "I'm sure you'll figure it out."

Never pushy, never judgemental, never petty, my dad is one of the kindest souls you would ever encounter. Some interesting facts about BC (as he's affectionately known):

He has had the same moustache for over 40 years, and has never once shaved it.

He has a beautiful singing voice, though he rarely shows it off.

He once worked as a bartender in the Caribbean, where he learned to do cocktail tricks and light matches off his belt.

He collects four things: plastic lawn chairs (for lounging), wooden pallets (for bonfires), rum (obvs), and coolers (for chilling drinks en masse), all of which are used to entertain the dozens of guests at his annual golf tournament.

He has only one nemesis: the other man in town who collects pallets, and once they met in the same parking lot by chance and from what I hear this encounter culminated in both grabbing as many pallets as they each could carry, running off in their respective trucks, and shaking their fists.

His own immediate family is strikingly similar to the Bluth family of Arrested Development (he's Michael) and the stories of drama, intrigue, and hilarity they've collectively generated is staggering.

He once owned a giant dog named Simba who was known to jump out of second storey windows and steal from a steak restaurant on the regular.

When I was seven, he bought be a soccer ball to encourage an interest in sports, but quickly gave up when I asserted, "the truth is, Dad, I'm just not that kind of girl."

He is a world-class listener, and the most supportive father in the world.

Dad, thank you for always being there for all of us, and for teaching us what it means to be a person of honour. You're a constant source of inspiration, and I hope I can be even close to as wonderful a parent as you one day. Happy Father's Day!