month of may

May is my favourite month. The rains that drench most of April slow to a drizzle, everything starts turning green, all the flowering trees display their petals, and patios overflow with revellers. This May makes me particularly excited because it's our first spring in Madison, and already I'm seeing how this city is transformed by the warmer weather. Most of all, I'm celebrating this whole month because I have a big birthday coming up.

Depending on the year and how we're feeling, birthdays have a way of always cajoling or bullying us into reflecting on our lives: where we're at, where we're going. This year, I'm feeling good—no, great—so I'm excited to take stock of everything that's changed and is changing. It occurred to me today, however, that every ounce of reflection and planning I've done during the last two years has been related to my business. So much of my thoughts and actions have been consumed by getting my business running in a way that makes me proud. Now my business is off the ground and growing, I continue to pour myself into it, but I also want to carve out some time for other kinds of thoughts.

What do I want for myself as a person, rather than just as a business owner? What parts of my life that are separate from my career need to be cultivated? What are my forgotten dreams and neglected hobbies? How can I give back to the many communities that have helped me throughout my life? What do I want to do for fun? What are some personal projects that would be interesting to start? What would I love to be doing in one year, or five, or even ten?

These are the things that are on my mind this month. What about you? Do you find yourself only focusing on career goals rather than personal ones? Or, are you way ahead of me and have already thought about what makes you happy and what else you plan to do with your time besides work? What are you excited about this year?