mind, body, spirit | may

It's time for the May edition of Mind, Body, Spirit, where I round up discoveries, decisions, and other delights that have been good to me this month.

Mind: I can't remember how I stumbled upon Big Hearted Business, but I am so glad I did! Its very name sums up how I personally approach my own business, in that I believe putting my whole heart into things and building great relationships are the foundations of success. The site is run by Clare Bowditch, an Australian songwriter/actor/businesswoman who specializes in helping to "teach creative people about business, and business people about creativity, in ways that make sense." What I love most about the site is the Inspiration Bombs section. There are only a few posted so far, but each one provides a healthy dose of food for thought. Here's a quote from the very first video that stood out to me:

I think when you have a creative business, it's very, very important to take time out. Because unless we're inspired, it's really hard for us to inspire others. And unless we're looking into the world and seeing what's happening and what touches us and what moves us, it's really hard to then bring that back into a viable product or a viable idea that can then be shared with others.

- Kemi Nekvapil, of Kemi's Raw Kitchen

Body: I read about the Imaginary Authors fragrance collection over on Daly Beauty. It's a new collection of fragrances created by perfumer Josh Meyer. Each scent is inspired by—you guessed it—an imaginary author, and the scents are meant to evoke the elements of their most famous stories. This concept has married my obsession with perfume and my love of literature. It's almost too much! I plan to order the sample library to test 'em all out. Of all the scents, I can safely predict that Violet Disguise is a likely favourite. This concept also reminds me of Paddywax's Library collection (which is based on actual authors) and also of one of my favourite fragrance lines, Memoire Liquide (its summery scent, Vacances Liquide, is incredibly beautiful).

Spirit: Artifact Uprising is a business "inspired by the disappearing beauty of the tangible." It provides printed books and other physical products ways to display images, so many of which seem to only exist in digital form. I really dig this notion of theirs: "We believe in the story that is archived for future generations. We believe in moving stories off our computers…and into our lives." Printing and preserving our best memories in a beautiful form is something I believe is unspeakably important, though I'm ashamed to say it's something I've neglected to do over the past few years. Creating hard copies is something I'm moving towards not only with my business, but also with my personal images. You should check out their site. They make really lovely things (including square books for instagram users). Our memories are beautiful, and they do deserve to be beautifully preserved.