long-lasting makeup, part II

I've recently discovered a few new makeup goodies and after testing them out, I'd love to tell you about them. This post is a follow-up to my original post about long-lasting makeup. As I've often mentioned, I'm always on the hunt for products with staying power. Since I do makeup for many of my brides, I need products that I can count on to outlast sweat and tears, and a whole lotta dancing, kissing, eating and drinking. These three products can be counted on to last through all of the above.

First up is Urban Decay's All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray. I've tried other setting sprays in the past, but after hearing about this particular product from my friend Anda Marie, I decided to give it a whirl. Essentially, it's the final fix that you apply once your makeup is finished. I tested it on four separate occasions: a gym workout, a vigorous run outdoors, a night of bar-hopping in Chicago, and (most recently) a full wedding day last Saturday. This product, which has a mild, pleasant fragrance and leaves your skin with a dewy finish, is a winner. It made my makeup last longer and stay fresh-looking throughout the range of tests I gave it. Seriously, no touchups required. A+

Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Primer Potion is, in my mind, the best of its kind on the market. What I like about it is its lightness. Its original version is transparent and colourless (though it does come in eyeshadow versions, too). It doesn't add weight to your eyelids, it simply creates a base for any eyeshadow and holds it there for a hell of a long time. I think of it as a companion product to the setting spray. Together, they'll make your makeup look virtually indelible. A+

Lastly is Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Eyeshadow. With this eyeshadow, you can actually skip the primer, as its is built-in. It also serves as a base for other shadows, and this particular shade, Slate, is a great start to a light smoky eye. The best aspect of this product is that it does not crease at all (something of which I'm always wary when it comes to cream shadows). The makeup artist I bought it from told me that its formula was inspired by nicotine/birth control patches, and is meant to flex with your skin as it moves. Weird, but cool! The only minor downside is it can get a little cakey if you apply it slowly, so be sure to apply and blend quickly and you'll be good to go. A-