johanna & mason's wedding at la vieille brasserie

She has a propensity for both organization and artfulness that puts Martha Stewart to shame. She's the kind of girl who uses spreadsheets to smooth out the chaos of life, like the time she created one to ensure nothing was forgotten for the honeymoon. In everything she does, Johanna is intentional. Her earrings always match her outfit, which coordinates perfectly with her eyeliner. Her decorating style is beautifully cohesive in the way it all flows together, each colour and texture a striking reflection of her personality. When she first told me about Mason a few years ago, there was nothing but certainty in her eyes. He was the man for her, there was no doubt about it, and she intended to be with him forever.

Some time later, after Mason proposed and Johanna's eyes had begun to sparkle even brighter than usual, we met to discuss their wedding plans. I remember the straightforward manner in which Mason told me that Johanna is his best friend in the whole world. I remember being so happy to finally meet the man Johanna loved, and to see them make each other laugh constantly throughout our entire meeting.

On their wedding day, I arrived at Johanna and Mason's beautiful home to find everything and everyone ready to go for the big day. This might sound obvious but it's very rarely the case. The hours before a wedding ceremony are almost always a little bit frenzied. On this day, though, every last detail was in place, and Johanna stood in her living room, smiling brightly in her beautiful gown, surrounded by her family and bridesmaids.

The wedding took place at La Vieille Brasserie, the cozy, former brewery in Lachine where Johanna's parents had been married years before. Johanna's dad walked her down the aisle towards her mom (who was this time officiating!) and the love of her life. After the most heartfelt of personal promises, Johanna and Mason bounded down the aisle together as their guests blew bubbles and cheered full-heartedly. What unfolded after that was a day full of unseasonable warmth and sunshine and a whole crowd of happy people celebrating the union of best friends.

Johanna and Mason, thank you for having me along for your big day. As I've said before, it meant the world to me that you were my first official clients as a full-time photographer. I deeply appreciate your support, and was so honoured to be there to document your wedding. I know you two will have an amazing life together, full of travel, great meals, laughter, and spreadsheets ;) Lots of love to you both!


Venue: La Vieille Brasserie de Lachine  // Caterer: Vanilla Twist – Jean-Luc Petit // Photography: Dallas Curow Photography, assisted by Lisa Griffiths  //  Dress: Allure, purchased at J'Adore //  DJ: Stix DJ  //  Florist: The Flower Pot  //  Hair:  Kathryn Lunny  //  Makeup: Ally Zwonok  //   Cake: Liz Hatcher  //  Officiant: Bride's mother, Colleen Boucher.