weekend in montreal

On the way in, my plane did a loop around Mount Royal, and as we flew over my old neighbourhood, the setting sun painted my former home in the most romantic of golden tones. I quietly gasped as I took in the beauty, and let the unexpected surge of longing and nostalgia wash over me. Then, as I sat on the bus and watched the moon bob up over St-Henri, its light glinting softly off the spires and peaks of the borough, I wondered if I had ever taken Montreal's beauty for granted. No, not for a second. It's impossible to live in Montreal without being enchanted. 

I arrived on what I was told was the first real weekend of spring, just in time for the wedding of my friend Johanna to her beau, Mason. Though I only had a few short days in the city, I packed in as much action and visits as possible. I shlepped my bags between meetups and appointments, meals and cocktails, moved comfortably through my favourite haunts, and felt like I'd never left. To everyone who hosted me, and moved your schedules around to hang out, thank you! You sure know how to make a gal feel welcome.

On Friday, I met two new friends, Emilie and Charlotte of the soon-to-be launched wedding blog, Crazy in Love. We spent a few hours sharing a meal, then walked down to the old port for a portrait swap. 

I'm looking forward to sharing my photos from that afternoon very soon, but Emilie is lighting fast and sent me her photos already! Here are some of my favourites. Be sure to visit her site if you'd like to see more of her work.

One of the really cool parts of this trip was visiting clients/friends and seeing how they've printed their photos. Being able to see my work in print is a true honour, especially when it's in the homes of such great folks! 

On Saturday, I was joined by my friend and fellow photographer Lisa Griffiths as I photographed Johanna and Mason's big day. Lisa, you're amazing! Thanks for all your support, and for the photo below.

On Sunday, I had some time to unwind over dim sum, one of my favourite brunch traditions. I love the frenzied atmosphere and the surprises, as well as the great company, of course.

During the afternoon, I met up with the the very inspiring Saleema Nawaz for a special shoot that has had me excited for months. I took portraits of her for the Bare it for Books calendar. The results will be under wraps for a while, but I can promise you they will be worth the wait! In the meantime, you should read Saleema's brand new novel, Bone and Bread. I just finished it last week and would highly recommend it.

The weekend ended with a relaxed dinner with some of my favourite friends, and a walk back to my home-away-from home with my friends Mark and Daniel. Yes, I was very sad to leave, but I take comfort in knowing that I'll be back very soon.