week 15 in madison

This week, a little something called homesickness kicked in. After more than three months (!) in Madison, I've officially begun to miss Montreal, Toronto, and all the cities in between where my Canadian friends and family reside. There was something about this weekend and its fun contents that made me feel at ease and enamoured with Madison. In a strange way, feeling settled in is what made me miss home. Perhaps comfort makes you long for more of the same.

All in all, this is a good thing because this week is when things really get moving for us. In just a few short days, I'm heading back to Montreal for my first wedding of the season.  I can't wait to set foot back in my beloved city and see all my favourite faces and places.

This past weekend, it was beautiful and sunny so of course we went out walking.

This Saturday marked the first Dane County Farmer's Market of the year. I've heard from multiple people that throughout the season, it grows to be the biggest in the country. I love farmer's markets, so I was really excited to check out its offerings. Unfortunately, we were not early birds and arrived just as it was closing. I'll report back once we return at a proper time. We did see these great posters though, which signify Madison's two largest lakes, one of which our rental home overlooks.

We climbed up Monona Terrace to take in the view of Lake Monona. I'm so happy I can finally show you photos of Madison when it's not covered with snow and ice.

Then we walked up to Merchant for afternoon cocktails, but couldn't resist splitting an order of fried chicken and donuts once we saw it on the menu. Sweet mercy, it was deep-fried heaven with a side of braised pineapple.

On Saturday night, we went to a show at Der Rathskeller, a German beer hall-style venue on campus, and were listening to some tunes until the show was abruptly cut short due to slightly overzealous security guards who weren't too sure about all the moshing. It brought back memories.

So both the winds and the water level are up, and it's nice and crisp outside. I've been out doing some more filming for my next video, which should be ready soon!

A note to photographers: this week's photos were processed with a new Lightroom preset I created called Matte Film. It was inspired by this tutorial on fstoppers.