week 13 in madison

This week in Madison came and went as quickly as the ice on the lake melted away. Yes,  it appears spring is truly here to stay. The rains came and wept over our windows, and I was indoors, cozy, happy. The sun shone and called us outside, and I ran along the water and turned my face up towards the light. The simple difference of being able to step outside in just a t-shirt instead of five layers makes the world seem like a finer place to be.

Easter came and went, and since we weren't able to go home this time around, I'm all the more excited to for all our upcoming travel and visits home.

This week, my new Fuji Instax 8 camera arrived from Photojojo. It's a purchase I've been hoping to make for a while, and after a few test shots, I got the hang of how this little beauty works. It's a super fun toy, and I really like the dreamy quality of the photos it takes.

We spent lots of time outside this weekend, walking and soaking up the warmth. I got black cherry pancakes from one of our favourite places to get brunch, and Joy the Baker inspired me to start baking again and test out these buttered popcorn chocolate chip cookies. Whoa, guys, you should try them too.

I hope spring has arrived in your hometown, and that you had a lovely weekend!