week 14 in madison

This week in Madison was cold and wet, but I didn't mind one bit! I'm working on another video (after having fun with this one) and one of the main things I continue to find myself documenting is anything that relates to the transition between winter and spring. It's been a painfully slow process this year, with winter overstaying its welcome. But bit by bit, it's happening. The frame below is a still from one of last week's thunderstorms.

The storms broke apart all the remaining ice on the lake, and the frozen froth floated to shore.

Then it was all gone, though the storms stayed on and Madison has slowly started turning from gray to green.

When the weekend arrived, we drove to nearby Middleton just to get our hands on some beer bacon brownies  and spring cookies from Bloom Bake Shop.

 We went for dinner at Tempest Oyster Bar, followed by drinks at One Barrel Brewing Company.

This week was pretty exciting as I had the chance to meet more of Brian's colleagues and friends from his department, who are all lovely and quite welcoming. The hospitality in Madison is something special. I'm also thrilled to have a few new projects starting up, more on the horizon, and to be inching closer to my first wedding of the year. I look forward to sharing all of the above with you guys soon.

Wishing you all a beautiful week!