makeup palettes and packing puzzles

I'm currently in the process of packing my bags for my first work-related trip of the year. Even though I'll only be on the road for a few days, I have multiple shoots and makeup sessions scheduled during that time period and that, my friends, requires a lot of gear. This is my first time flying with all my stuff, which makes me kind of nervous. I don't know many other photographer/makeup artists, so I've had a lot of trouble tracking down tips on how to arrange and pack the gear for both trades in just a few small bags. Eeek!

The best solution I've come up with is to consolidate as much as possible. To start, I finally got my act together and moved all my favourite lipsticks into one palette. I'm leaving empty spaces for new favourites that complement what's in there now. I also depotted all my loose MAC eyeshadows and blushes and transferred them into palettes as well. I've found makeup artist Lisa Eldridge's blog to be a great resource for information on kit maintenance and organization. This post inspired me to purchase Japonesque palettes. Sorting your gear into palettes is makeup artist 101, but I never really needed to do so until now. 

The main issue I'm having is with fitting most of the important stuff into one carryon suitcase and a large purse. I obviously wouldn't check any of my camera gear, and I'd prefer not to check my makeup because I have to transfer flights and if my baggage is lost, that would leave me kind of stuck. There's also the issue, however, of the limitations on liquids, gels, creams, etc. in carryon luggage, which will definitely force me to check at least one bag. Gah!

If you've you're a photographer or makeup artist, or are some kind of packing wizard, I'd love any general tips you might be able to share. Leave a comment, or send me a message at dallascurowphoto[at] and I will be forever grateful!