flashback friday: wedding stills

For today's special edition of Flashback Friday, we're going back nearly two years in time to May 2011 when Brian and I got married. I'm embarrassed to admit this, but it's taken me almost two whole years to begin editing our wedding video. The raw footage has been sitting on a hard drive, just waiting to be   transformed into a watchable video. So, with the deadline of our second anniversary fast approaching, that's what I'm doing with my free time.

One of the most challenging parts about the whole process--apart from the bizarre sensation of watching a big day through any perspective besides my own memores--is how dark the footage is. I wish I knew more about video editing so I could figure out how to lighten the whole thing up. As a way of dealing with my frustration until I take some editing courses, I pulled out some stills and brightened them in Photoshop to see what they could look like if I learned to work editing magic. It is actually quite cool to effectively have brand new images, many of them featuring moments I didn't notice or experience myself.

There are obviously many pros and cons about editing your own wedding video, many of which I'm sure will become clearer over the next month when I (hopefully) complete the project. It's eerie to watch myself on camera, but very cool to be able to curate clips in a way that's representative of how I want to see and remember the day. At first glance, here are a few of my favourite frames.