blooming beauty

One of the things I admire about my mom is her talent for gardening. She works miracles with anything that grows, and has several times transformed sparse yards into rainforest-like spaces, rioting with colour. Her green thumb has kept our family surrounded by lush foliage and bright blooms in every home we've had. Whenever I needed blossoms for some kind of fanciful photoshoot during high school, roses, peonies and lilies were only a few steps away. Our house, with its fences covered in orange trumpet vines and indigo morning glories and front lawn bedecked with swaying purple alliums and rhododendrons--definitely stood out in a neighbourhood of professionally manicured shrubs.

When we sold the house, the new owners quickly tore away the flowering vines and uprooted the gardens, pruning everything back into a spartan, conservative style in keeping with the neighbourhood. Luckily, my mom had a brand new canvas to work with, and it wasn't long before castor beans and decorative grasses stretched 12 feet tall, before herbs and tomatoes flourished, and before a menagerie of birds had moved onto my parents new front lawn.

If I did inherit the gardening gene from my mom, it's been laying dormant for a lifetime. I've kept some cacti alive, and the odd spider plant, but it's only since I started living with Brian that plants haven't shrivelled to a blackened husk in my home. He is much for fastidious than I, and has an aptitude for routines and maintenance and all the things required to keep plants alive.

I wish I were better at gardening, because flowers make me swoon and I'd love to have a home that resembles my parents' one day. In the meantime, I guess I'll stick to cut flowers. I decided to pick up some of my favourite blooms over Easter weekend as a tribute to both my mom and mother nature. Hyacinths are my favourite spring flowers. They just smell so wonderful, and I love watching them bloom. This one below opened up in just one day!

I also picked up a few bouquets of ranunculus, which are just so ruffly and lovely. My office looks instantly brighter and more cheerful, and I'm feeling even more excited about the warmer months and the fun they'll bring. Here's to spring, and all its colours!

A note for my fellow photography geeks: these photos were taken with a Canon EF 100 mm 2.8 macro lens.