week nine in madison

Early last week, Brian left for a conference in Chicago. I spent the first half of the week quite happy to have the house to myself. I was getting lots of work done, heading to the gym, shovelling myself out of 16 inches of snow, and keeping it real. As the weekend crept closer, and I started to really miss Brian, I did what I always do when he's away: grocery shop like an eight-year-old would if given free reign, and watch a whole bunch of terrible tv on Netflix. When my last grocery trip yielded this, and this alone:

I realized it was time to get out and do something. Luckily, I had planned to head to meet up with Brian and our friend Andrew in Chicago over the weekend. I rode in with a friend on Friday evening, and arrived in the city for the first time. As I walked to meet Brian and saw him step out of the hotel with the sun behind him, I felt a jolt of the unique energy that comes from meeting up with your love in a big city. Yes, life in Madison is simple and peaceful and it keeps me calm and focused, I've always felt most invigorated in big cities.

During most of the day, Brian and Andrew were tied up with conference stuff, but I was more than happy to walk for hours by myself, stopping occasionally for snacks.

When we met up in the late afternoon, when the guys had some free time. Since Andrew is also an academic in the same field as Brian, their travel schedules match up from time to time, and we're always happy to get to explore new cities together. 

At night, we met up with our friend Jason, who recently moved to Chicago from Toronto within the last year or so. He was an amazing host, and showed us around some of his favourite neighbourhood spots. We had dinner at drinks at Rodan! and then headed out to sip on bourbon and listen to some blues.

Trying to look bluesy

Yesterday, Andrew came back to Madison with us for dinner (deep fried cheese curds, a Wisconsin special), before flying back to LA. It was so great to break out of my simple life here in Madison and take a little adventure, if only for a few days. I can't wait to go back!