week 11 in madison

The best part about the past week was that my whole family came to visit! My parents, brothers, and my brother's girlfriend, Ida, all arrived Monday afternoon. On the first night, we took them to The Old Fashioned, "where Wisconsin is king," and feasted on many local specialties and just a few of their incredible selection of beers.

The crowd favourite was the beer cheese soup, garnished with popcorn. If you come visit us, you have to try this. It's a meal in itself, but so good.

Among other activities, I knew my family would want to go grocery shopping. My American readers may not know this, but Canadians get seriously excited about the staggering array of food products here in the U.S. My brothers were psyched to get their hands on their favourite American cereals.

In between all the sightseeing, the best part about having my family here was just spending time at our house together. Drinking coffee and tea, eating spaghetti, playing games, just sitting around and catching up. All the things I would love to do more often if we lived closer. For now though, I treasure these visits.