week 10 in madison

Last week was a lovely one. My dear friends Rozlyn and Kris were in town, and I was so happy to show them around Madison. Winter is definitely still in full force here in the midwest, there were a lot of warm beverages involved in the week's festivities. I feel so lucky to have so many visits on the books this month. My whole family is on their way here as I type, and our friends Peter and Jess are heading down next week! Brian and I spent the whole weekend working to catch up on things, and I am really happy to be riding a wave of productivity. In short, things are good.

On Wednesday, we went out for a long walk, and stopped in at Olbrich Gardens, where I love to warm up on a cold day. I never thought I'd crave humidity, but after an incredibly cold and dry winter, my hair and skin were actually happy in the muggy conditions.

We also drove to nearby Middleton to sample the wares at the National Mustard Museum. Yes, that's a real place, and it's amazing.

We also walked around the city while the sun was out. Don't you love this time of day, when the shadows are long and blue?

Every day, I am grateful to live beside a lake, and I was happy that Roz and Kris enjoyed the scenery as much as I do.