spring hair

Beauty Editor is one of my all-time favourite blogs. For years, I've been reading Michelle's insightful and entertaining posts, soaking up her knowledge on everything from newly released products to next season's beauty trends. When she partnered with Toronto hair stylist Bill Angst to introduce a new feature of reader hair consultations, I jumped at the opportunity to get in on the action. Last week, Michelle posted Bill's advice for me. You can read it on her blog, beautyeditor.ca.

This week, I followed Bill's advice, and because I'm both impatient and impulsive, I decided to DIY it that very day. I cut and coloured my own hair earlier this week. Following this tutorial, I did a two-tone colour. I used L'Oreal's new Feria Wild Ombré kit (using the handy brush) to do the highlights, then chose a demi-permanent dark blond shade close to my natural colour to give all my hair a pick-me-up.

While the DIY wasn't exactly a disaster, it also wasn't a feat of artistry either. Let's just say the word "greige" has popped into my head more than once when I've looked at the colour. The moral of the story? It's fine to play around with temporary colour and little tweaks on your own, but bring in a pro whenever a moderate to dramatic makeover is required! I'll be booking my appointment for professional assistance soon. I love the advice Bill gave me, and it should be carried out by someone with credentials.

If you're considering a new look, you should totally send in a photo too! Just follow the instructions at the bottom of the post. So, tell me: have you already changed up your hair for spring? Are you planning to do so?