PASS galleries

It's no secret that I'm kind of obsessed with PASS, the software I use to deliver photos to my clients. Nerd alert! But seriously, PASS is one of the most helpful and cool tools I've discovered. Not only does it make things run smoothly on my end, but it produces a beautiful and easy-to-use gallery for my clients.

Here's how it works: once I finish processing my photos, I upload them in high resolution to the gallery. I organize different parts of the day into "collections" (e.g. ceremony, portraits, reception) to make it easy for my clients to find the photos they want to see. Once it's all set up, I upgrade the gallery and send my clients a login link. They can then download and share the photos to their heart's content!

Here's what a gallery looks like (left sidebar can also be collapsed):

Some great features:

  • Clients can download all the photos in high resolution with one click (see the "Download All" button in the image above)
  • Photos are stored safely in the cloud, and can be accessed from anywhere
  • The gallery is mobile friendly, and can be viewed on tablets and smart phones
  • Friends and family can comment right in the gallery by signing the guestbook
  • Clients can choose their favourites and share them directly on facebook and other site

I've been using PASS since its initial release, but earlier this month its creators completely revamped the look and feel, and functionality. This new version is still in beta, but apparently once it's ready for a full release, apparently clients will also be able to order prints right from the gallery too. Now that is exciting!

Here's a quick video that does a better job than I could explaining all the features:

If you have any questions about PASS, how it works, and/or about my experience with it, don't hesitate to ask!