flashback friday

It's Friday! Before my parents came to visit this week, I asked my mom to pack some of my old photo albums so I could rifle through them in search of examples for a new feature I was planning. Today, I present to you the first edition of Flashback Friday, where I look back at past work to reflect, learn from my mistakes, and laugh at myself, all for viewing pleasure.

This time around, we're heading all the way back to 1997, when I was still a wee tween. When these photos were taken, I was staying at my friend Lynnie's house for the weekend, and of course I brought along my trusty point-and shoot camera.

In this first photo, I remember asking her to look away and spin back towards the camera, feigning surprise. Yes, that old chesnut. It could have turned out well, considering how gorgeous the light was at sunset, but clearly I didn't give her very good direction! If I were to do it now, I'd have her back to the sun to take advantage of backlight and avoid the harsh shadows on her face. I'd also make sure she unclenched her hands from fists as she turned. Also, the styling choice of her mom's slip worn over a t-shirt and shorts was maybe not the best. At the time, though, it seemed pretty glamourous.

Lynnie's little sister Hayley joined in the photos, and I guess I realized at this point that the slip had to go, so their outfits would match better. I actually don't totally mind the photo on the left below. It's properly exposed and I like the posing, though there's too much shadow on Hayley's face. Also, I'm not sure why Hayley's just wearing bathing suit bottoms, but chances are high I was wearing the same thing behind the camera. Also, I kind of want Lynnie's cut-offs for this summer, come to think of it.

In the photo on the right below, as you can see a large shadow covering half the photo. No big deal, that's just my hand covering the flash. I remember thinking at the time that it turned out looking dramatic though.

This next photo provides a great opportunity to point out why you should always watch what's cluttering up your photos. That case of Molson Dry kind of kills the pastel vibe I had painstakingly created with the draped sheets and comforters!

This next set is quite something. While I'm still kind of into the idea of eating a watermelon in the fridge with your kitten, I might not have been the best role model for poor Hayley at the time. Definitely not a safe idea, but it was all in the name of art. As for the laundry room "scene," um... kids are the weirdest, especially when you give one of them a camera.

At this point of the shoot, I guess it was well into the night, so I suggested Lynnie change into an evening gown of some sort.  We wanted to make things classy, and nothing says class like a gown. You know how kids roll.

And for the final photo, their brother BG joined in to complete this high concept shoot of sibling love. All in a day's (and classy evening's) work.