week six in madison

Week six in Madison was unfortunately dominated by a cold virus that knocked me off my feet. During the week, I didn't get to explore as much as I would have liked, but by the time the weekend rolled in, my energy was back and I was ready for fun.

After another rainstorm, our neighbourhood is once again covered by ice. It's hard to walk around, but it sure is pretty.

Despite my cold, we didn't forget Valentine's Day. My main gift hints centred around a homemade card, preferably one that featured an animal (this is my favourite thing to request every year) and Brian did not disappoint. I'm a low-maintenance partner when it comes to gifts!

Over the weekend, we explored a new neighbourhood, found a restaurant that makes the best thin crust pizza (almost like our favourite Montreal pizzeria), went to the movies, and I got my first piece of UW merchandise.

Among other things, we also found this amazing bar, which is just incredible inside (photos to come after subsequent visits), despite the fact that it's completely nondescript and in a strip mall beside the highway.

I hope you've avoided getting a cold this season, and that you're warm and toasty, wherever you are. Here's to a healthier week!