week four in madison

There was something really lovely about our fourth week here in Madison. I think it was the week that I started feeling extra good about being here. I also found this amazing article, creativity, the corpse pose + what to do in between projects, by Danielle LaPorte that just really spoke to what I'm all about right now. For my fellow yoga-goers, you will know that corpse pose (savasana) is when you lie still and chill out at the end of a class, and let all the great physical and mental exercise you've just done take effect. This week helped me come to terms with the fact that life here is very different from the life to which I've grown accustomed, and this is a good thing. This is a time for thinking, planning, reflecting, and gearing up for the busier times to come.

This week alternated between heavy rain and heavy snow, and I hibernated inside, watching the drops and flakes fall outside the windows.

In the quiet of our rented home, I was really productive and peaceful.

We were invited out for drinks with some new friends, and I discovered this local beer, which is pretty delicious.

The nights were cold. Not Montreal cold, but still pretty damn chilly. Winter is so beautiful here.

Our neighbourhood has so many pretty houses, and set against the white snow it looks like a pastel rainbow.  

I've noticed these tiny boxes around the neighbourhood too, and this week I got a close look and realized it's a tiny free library! How cute is that?

We went for brunch at Stalzy's but skipped breakfast food and went straight for these Reubens I'm obsessed with. I don't even really like meat that much, but these are magical. I actually wish I had one right now.

We've both been really happy to discover that Madison is what many describe as Beer Mecca. There are so many local breweries and each one offers a generous assortment of brews. Here is one of like 6 shelves of different beers in our closest grocery store. 

Over the weekend, we went out for dinner, to the movies, shopping and exploring. Brian and I also shot a few portraits for my new website. These two are outtakes but I kind of like them, even though we both look a bit creepy. Why I am I doing that marionette pose? Why is Brian so intense? 

Lastly, this week I started my first video project in a long time. I took up the challenge of doing this 30 Days of Filming project. Below is a still from one of the clips. It's hard to find things to film each day when it's just me and Brian and he hates being filmed even more than he hates being photographed, but it's forcing me to be creative and I'm loving it.