week five in madison

This week went by the fastest of our time here in Madison so far. It was party due to the fact that there was first a snowstorm, then a rainstorm, which led me to (again) stay cozily indoors and get a lot of work done, continue reading my way through A Song of Ice and Fire (I'm halfway through A Feast for Crows now) and also loving every minute of Friday Night Lights, which we have finally found the time to watch.

Living on a lake--being so close to the water and its calmness--is still a wonder to me each and every day. I love looking out onto it first thing in the morning, and especially at dusk.

This week, I tried out a few new coffee shops and found that The Victory and the Mermaid Cafe are my favourites for brainstorming, relaxing, and chatting with new friends.  I'm continuing to work on my new site with Jordan, so Brian took a new headshot of me for the bio section.

Between the two storms, ice was a big part of the week.

We also drove around and did some more exploring.

On Saturday night, we (gingerly, in my case) walked out onto the lake for an ice party. Bonfires were lit, as were fireworks, and we huddled close to the warmth while also enjoying the crisp night air.

I'm approaching the halfway point of my 30 Day of Filming project, which has gotten a lot better since  Brian told me I had to expand my subject matter beyond ducks and geese!