from sketch to shoot: my work for

Last year, one of my all-time favourite projects ever was doing makeup features for It allowed me to combine my dual passions for makeup and photography, and work with some amazing models. More importantly, it gave me the opportunity to collaborate with my very talented friend, Paige Dzenis, who is the Associate Online Editor for FASHION. For this edition of from sketch to shoot, I'll show you how I worked with Paige to adapt runway looks and show FASHION readers how to make them more wearable in real life.

Paige started the process by choosing some of her favourite makeup looks from the Spring 2012 runways. She would send me backstage photos and some details about what she had in mind for the look. After looking at the photos and reading about what inspired the designer for each collection, I would do some research and decide what products would help achieve the effect I had in mind. The key to adapting these looks was to figure out how they could be done with as few products as possible. I really liked breaking each look down into its essential parts, isolating what made it different, and choosing a product to create each element.

Then came the experimenting stage, when I would test products on myself, and sometimes take test shots to see how they photographed. Once I'd settled on the look, I'd begin my sketching, and give them a final test in my sketchbook. Again, I don't know why some of my drawings turned out so creepy looking, but I guess I just never expected that anyone else would see them!

Anyway, here are some of my favourite looks, from sketch to shoot.

This smoky eye look on Adriane is one of my favourites, as it's such a classic.

As is this cat eye look:
I loved this summery silver beauty look, inspired by Philip Lim's spring 2012 show.
This golden eyes look was one of the most fun to re-create on model Alana.
This neon pink makeup look inspired by the 2012 Viktor & Rolf show was lovely for summer.
And this romantic YSL makeup look was just so pretty on model Robin.
When we worked together again for a holiday makeup feature, Paige sent me several pages of inspiration for each look and it was like Christmas morning! Figuring out how to recreate these looks (and simplify them slightly for the average partygoer) was a delightful challenge. 

This colourful smoky eye looked amazing on model Camille.
 This three-part holiday makeup look was lovely on Robin.
 And this sparkly new year's eve makeup looked great on Elisabeth.
All models are from Folio Montreal, and were very talented and an absolute pleasure to work with!