week two in madison

Week two in Madison floated by at a nice pace. I was very happy to complete two of my first goals of the year: sending in the final photos for my new website, and completing my first week of blogging every weekday. In our free time, we've met some new friendly faces, and discovered more of the city. On Friday, Brian's parents drove to visit us, and stayed until this morning, which was such a lovely treat. Together, we drove around and discovered lots of new areas, which helped give us a better feel for our new home. My favourite part of the week was going for a sunset walk along our street, and out onto frozen Lake Monona.

On our way back, we noticed this amazing view of the Capitol.

We also had a lovely late dinner at Sardine, which was incredibly delicious, but also really cozy. It reminded us the most of Montreal of all the places we've been so far, which made us feel just a little more at home.