week three in madison

During our third week, the cold arrived in Madison, much as it did across the rest of  the midwest, northeast and Canada. Last week was fairly balmy, so as the winds picked up and the frost crept across the window panes, I couldn't help but think the words winter is coming. This could also be slightly related to the fact that I've been spending all my spare time devouring the A Song of Ice and Fire series, ever since my brother gave me the books for Christmas.

The cold temperatures kept me inside for most of the week, cozied up with my work, and it was such a productive week. My new website is still in the works but inches closer to launching every day. I've got so many new projects up my sleeve that I'm really excited to share soon, too.

Random question: did you know that celery-flavoured soda exists? It's surprisingly delicious, especially with the supremely perfect Reubens from Stalzy's deli.

So, the cold winds arrived in Madison on Monday.

On Tuesday, Brian took me to watch UW-Madison's college basketball team, The Badgers, play. Despite my general disinterest towards sports, I have soft spot for basketball, and the game was really fun to watch. 

On Wednesday, we went to our favourite movie theatre ever for one of their weekly classic film screenings and watched To Catch a Thief. Not only does this theatre have an awesome selection of films, it is beautifully designed, serves the best popcorn, and lets you accompany your movie with beer or wine.

Later in the week, a lovely surprise arrived from my friend Rozlyn: two boxes of the most amazing chocolates.

Then it snowed, again.

Over the weekend, we went out for dinner at a few more restaurants, and tried out some more bars in our neighbourhood. One of them serves apple cinnamon hard cider, which was exactly what you want to drink on a cold winter's weekend.

We did a bit more exploring and found this antique market, where Brian found a lamp for his new office.

Then: rain and snow, again. Dark and stormy and so cold, but I loved the moody feel of it all. 

People have asked me if I'm feeling lonely or homesick. The truth is that I am savouring the novelty of peace and quiet and semi-solitude, for now. Sometimes it takes silence to allow space for all the words in your head to spread out and hush. I love all your emails and messages and comments though, so please keep 'em coming. Being connected to you all online helps takes the potential bite of loneliness out of a new adventure, and keeps it sweet.