week one in madison

Yesterday marks the one-week point of our stay here in Madison, Wisconsin. I already feel like a different person, and it's amazing how quickly that happened.

The past year was a challenging one, mostly in terms of how much energy it demanded and how little sleep it contained. Balancing two full-time jobs--as a photographer, and as a writer at McGill--was a delicate art. I did both to the best of my ability but a lot of sacrifice was involved. After our move from Montreal and by the end of our vagabond-esque holiday season, I was just spent. At three in the morning two Saturdays ago, I sat on my friend's couch, slowly eating a late-night burrito and feeling my eyes flutter to close. "I don't ever remember feeling this tired," I mumbled.

Another move and less than 48 hours later, I was gazing out at the stars, marvelling at how the Big Dipper seemed to rise from the lake outside our window. We'd arrived in Madison, and I was struck by the realization that there was no better place in the world to find some peace and quiet.

In one week, my life has transformed completely. I forgot what it feels like to have energy - I feel amazing! My thoughts have untangled themselves, my nerves are no longer frayed, and I even have time to make smoothies now. Smoothies!

I haven't seen too much of the city yet, as I've been immersing myself in work as much as possible, but here are a few photos of our new surroundings, and a lifestyle that is very quiet - for now.