toronto portrait photography | tara

This was the second in a series of teaching portrait sessions I did with my intern over the holidays. This time, we were graced by the presence of another of my cousins, Tara. It was an extra treat to work with her, as--apart from being just generally awesome--she studied photography before choosing her current program in animation, and she has a wonderful understanding of both light and movement.

I had originally planned for this to be an all black and white series, but colours always steal my heart, even on the greyest of December days in Toronto. Also, the green of Tara's eyes is too pretty a colour to hide in greyscale. Working with an assistant on this shoot was truly so helpful on a dull and dark day such as the one we had. With an extra set of hands to hold my reflector, we were able to bring in a great deal more light, and create a luminosity that would have been otherwise hard to achieve.

Tara, thank you so much for making the trip downtown, and lending us your loveliness for this shoot. I'm so excited to hear how your final semester goes and see the awesome work I know you'll create.