portraits of amanda in toronto

I have a somewhat secret list of people I'd like to photograph. Not a mental list, an actual written list. Some of the people are celebrities, some are strangers, and some are friends who just haven't been in front of my camera yet. Amanda falls into the latter camp, and I was so happy to finally have a chance to take some photos of her over the holidays. We met at Western, our alma mater, and I have been following her adventures on Not a Model for several years since. 

By day, Amanda is a PR maven. By evenings and weekends, she is a writer and an adventurer with a sharp sense of style and covetable curls. Whenever she is able, she divides her time between Toronto and New York, and lives an inspiring life in both cities.

We met on what was possibly the dreariest day of 2012. The skies were dark, the light was sallow, and a cold rain had washed away all of the snow. But we met at one of Toronto's coziest coffee shops, where inside it was nice and warm and comforting. As I did her makeup, we sipped tea and chaider (chai + cider = amazing!) and had one of those talks that fills you with energy and purpose. Amanda, I can't wait to see what you get up to this year, and look forward to reading all your stories along the way. Thank you for posing for me, and for throwing confetti in the rain.

Oh, and some of these photos were edited with Alex Beadon's brand new Photoshop action collection, Dress to Impress. It was my first present to my business this year and I am so glad I made the investment.