hilltop portrait session

Today's post is extra special because it not only features my favourite place in the whole wide world, but also some of the people (and animals) closest to my heart. I'm so excited to show you both!

A few months ago, over Thanksgiving weekend, my brothers offered to make a short and fun video for me, documenting a relaxed portrait session. We also cajoled my brother Jon's girlfriend, the beautiful Ida, into modelling for the shoot. The group of us, along with our family's dogs, (Leon and Shelby, in case you were wondering) headed out under a bright blue sky to kick off the shoot.

We created this video and these photos on top of the hill at our cottage, which boasts what I consider to be one of the most beautiful views on earth: rolling hills whose colours shift with the seasons. So many of my best memories have been made up here--cozying up around bonfires, tobogganing, and filming many childhood videos.

Ida recently moved to Canada from Sweden, after she and my brother Jon met while both travelling in Australia. This was her first experience of a Canadian Thanksgiving, and it was so much fun to see traditions through her eyes. Ida, thank you so much for being kind enough to pose for me, and for being brave enough to date a member of our crazy family. We're all so happy you're here. Jon and Jer, you are the best brothers ever. Thanks for all your help.

Here's the video created by my brothers:

Here are my favourite shots from the shoot:

Photo above by Brian. I love that one so much and can't wait to print it.

And now a look at some behind the scenes photos, most by Brian, some by me, and the last one by my mom:

For Ida's makeup, I created a look that was neutral yet polished, with intense pops of glamour in the forms of dense lashes and glossy red lips.

Headpiece from Sea and Land, the playful accessories line by Angie Johnson. Ida's sweater was a rather ancient one we found inside our cottage. I think it might be my dad's. Her cardigan is my mom's.