dans le boudoir

As a portrait photographer, I just love taking photos of people, plain and simple. In my opinion, the lines between any niche of portraiture can be as blurred as you let them be. What diferences are there, really, besides what people are wearing in the photos? If your aim remains the same, to revere and document a person's beauty through photography, the lesser details that create the divisions between genres fall to the wayside. Or course, there are many incredible artists out there, who make this artform their focus, and I can only hope to aspire to capture beauty as wonderfully as the way they do. For now, however, I start with what I know.

Recently, two amazing women reached out to me about boudoir photography, and although I haven't previously focused on this type of portraiture, I approached it the exact same way I do my usual work -focus on creating an experience that makes people feel comfortable and beautiful, and take photos of their true selves. That being said, there's something extra special about boudoir portraits--their vulnerability, their lush beauty, their brazen confidence--that I adore, and I hope to do a lot more of these portraits in the future!

For Lisa's portraits, we met in her beautiful home, where the winter light was bright but soft. I loved having the opportunity to create custom makeup looks for these portraits. The first look was a natural one, with flushed cheeks, a kiss of gold on the eyes, and ruby lips. The second is a classic smoky eye and shimmery lip. As a side note, doesn't she have the most perfect bangs?

Here are a few selections from Lisa's portrait session dans le boudoir.