2012 highlights

Yes, I know it's mid-January, but not having a home for three weeks really put a wrench in the whole blogging plan for most of December. I hope you'll forgive me for the lateness and humour me for this little retrospective.

2012 was one of the best years of my life. It was challenging as hell in so many ways, but I'd rather be challenged than bored any day. Working by day as a writer at McGill was always lovely, and every day I looked forward to hanging out with my amazing colleagues, laughing like crazy at all kinds of inside jokes and drinking an ocean of Davids Tea. It was the most collegial workplace I'd ever had, and I treasured everything I learned there.

After the workday's end, I was out meeting clients, taking photos, and fine-tuning my editing style through countless hours of post-processing. I cherish each and every person who stepped in front of my camera this year. Each of you gave me a gift of your trust, your business and your time, your wonderful sense of humour and true kindness. You are the best clients and models a person could dream of photographing, and I thank you so much. All the creative artists with whom I collaborated--at weddings and at styled shoots--you all amaze me with your skill, passion and dedication to your craft. An extra special thanks goes out to Elyse, who made all three styled shoots possible, and who strives for excellence in everything she does.

In the spare moments, the late nights, the free weekends, I was lucky enough to hang out with some of the best family and friends in the whole world, going on mountain walks, sitting by the fire, drinking bourbon, dancing, and enjoying lazy sundays in the park.

Most significantly, this was the year the stars aligned to let me pursue my passion for photography full-time. I can't quite put into words how much this means to me, so instead I will illustrate my excitement through my efforts in 2013.

Thank you to everyone who made this year so special. Here are some of my favourite photos from the year that was.

Portraits of Deanna.

Portraits of Christina.

Portraits of Jayme.

Styled winter wedding shoot with an amazing team of creative geniuses, as well as awesome models Sarah + Peter.

Portraits of Elyse.

Doing a makeup shoot with Gina.

Portraits of Ellen + friends/family.

Teaching my first photography workshop, featuring model Tiffany.

Shooting spring beauty looks for my Runway to Real Life feature on FASHIONmagazine.com, thanks to the lovely Paige.

Portraits of Daniel for Xtra Magazine.

Jackie + Emil's spring wedding at Manoir Grant.

Jennie + Zach's Cumberland Village wedding.

Staci + Dan's Ottawa engagement session.

And their beautiful Le Belvédère wedding.

Karly + Jon's Royal Botanical Gardens engagement portraits.

Collaborating again with Elyse to produce our underwater garden wedding shoot.

Saleema + Derek's engagement session.

 And their gorgeous Eastern Townships Wedding.

Portraits for Jessica and her Lincoln Apartment Bakery.

Portraits of the wonderful Harris family.

 Going to Vancouver on vacation, visiting with Trevor and Sophia...

 ... and to Gill and Jay's amazing Crescent Beach Wedding.

 Heather + Spencer's extremely romantic engagement session in the pouring rain.

 Erik and Meghan's portrait session that became an engagement session when he proposed!!!

My gold rush themed creative shoot with Lotte.

 Visiting Baltimore.

Visiting Savannah.

 Jen + Paul's beautiful Caledon wedding.

Portraits of Tenzin.

 Portraits of Maya.

 Portraits of Lindsay.

 Jennifer + Jay's St. Lawrence Market engagement session.

Portraits of Erika.

 Portraits of Sabina.

 Portraits of Melissa.

 Portraits of Olu.

 Portraits of Fehn + Kyle.

 Love portraits of Jenn + Ian

 Starlight shoot with Sabina + Tiffany, featuring beautiful jewellery by Brazen Design.

Photo walks in Montreal.

Holiday portrait session with Deanna + Elise

Toronto portraits with Tara.

And creating three holiday makeup looks for FASHIONmagazine.com, featuring models Camille, Robin and Elisabeth from Folio Montreal.

What a year it was! There are still a few more shoots from 2012 I haven't shared yet, and I look forward to sharing those over the next few weeks.