au revoir montreal part I

In less than two weeks, we will be leaving Montreal, heading home for the holidays, then driving down to Madison in the early new year. As you might imagine, that means that we've now entered full-on packing mode.

Layer by layer, we're peeling away the structure of our Montreal lives: disassembling, closing accounts, saying goodbye to everyone from doctors to hairstylists. It takes years to create a life in a city, but--on the surface, at least--it can be hauntingly easy to close the doors and prepare to walk away.

On Saturday, after I wrapped my final photo job of the year, we went out walking in our neighbourhood. The wind was so cold that my legs stiffened as I walked, so we warmed up over some comfort food at Eurodeli, a Polish grocery store and tiny restaurant.

We both probably should have smiled for these photos, but our faces were still defrosting!

We continued on our walk and started our Christmas shopping by buying from our favourite small businesses. Despite the insanity of moving and packing, we're trying to buy all our gifts from small, independent businesses this year. There are so many amazing stores in Montreal, from marvellous bookstores to speciality spice shops.Shopping is the easy part; it's the packing and not losing gifts in the moving process that makes me worry.

If you're ever in Montreal, you should definitely hit up Style Labo, one of our neighbourhood's most eclectic and beautiful shops.

As we continue preparing for our two-part move, my posting might be a bit sporadic, but I'll keep you updated on how our goodbyes are shaping up.