montreal portrait photography | fehn & kyle

Fall has been extra beautiful this year. The leaves stayed green a little longer than usual, and for the most part it has been pleasantly warm outside. Montrealers cling to the last vesper of warmth before the long winter arrives. Since it's now mid-November and we've yet to have our first real snowfall of the year, there's a tentativeness to the weather, and a drive to enjoy every last minute outdoors before the cold blows in.

Luckily, I managed to finish shooting the main looks for my beauty lookbook while there was still greenery to be found. Fehn helped out by modelling the last look, a very soft and subtle, coloured smoky eye. I chose violet hues to bring out her bright eyes.

Fehn's boyfriend Kyle was visiting from Toronto on the day of our shoot, and he was kind enough to not only assist by holding my reflector, but also by joining his girl for a few photos. Fehn and Kyle, thank you guys so much for taking time out of your weekend visit to model for me. You guys are really amazing together, and it was such a privilege to capture a glimpse of your chemistry in photos.