love portrait video

On the same day that we created the portrait video with Tenzin, Tiffany Pope and I met up with lovebirds Ian and Jenn to give you a peek behind the scenes of a couple's photo session--what I like to call a "love portrait."

For those of you who regularly stop by, you will know how much I adore photographing couples. Documenting the many different ways that people love each other is thrilling in a different way than other forms of portraiture. There is a rhythm and a dance to it that is just lovely, and working with Ian and Jenn is always inspiring.  As one of the early viewers of this video remarked candidly, "watching them together makes me believe in love."

And here are some of my favourite moments from this session:

Thank you, Ian and Jenn, for spending time with us and allowing others a glimpse at your radiant love for each other. You are amazing friends, and Brian and I are so lucky to have met you on our "friends blind date" two years ago! Tiffany, thank you for creating another beautiful video for me. I couldn't love it more.