owen sound engagement | heather & spencer

Heather was visiting the home of her long-time friends when she made the declaration in front of the family that she had decided that she was ready for love, and that she wanted their help in finding a special guy for her.  Her friends, having known her throughout her whole life, were well-versed in what kind of person might make Heather happy. In fact, they knew the very person who might be up to the job.

In fact, he was on the job, building a deck at their house with another carpenter.

Within a few days, Heather was invited over under the guise of helping out with some camera and computer lessons.  She was nervous so she drove her dad’s Jeep over to look more down-to-earth.  Sure enough when she arrived there were two guys working away, they both stopped and looked up as she stepped out of the Jeep and walked at a nervously-quick pace towards the front door attempting to appear confident.

"So, she walks on by me with her nose in the air, looking all stuck-up" Spencer recounts.

"At this point, I knew why she was there, but we didn’t speak at all that night!"

"I was shy!" Heather protests.

But speaking or no speaking she knew she wanted to see more of him so she left her number with the family to give to him another day.

Two weeks later, Spencer called Heather and before long the shyness warmed into friendship, and love that was the real deal.

Heather and Spencer, I am so excited to photograph your wedding next June. I know it will be a celebration of family, friends, love, and playing for keeps.

Grey County, where Heather and Spencer live, is a place full of beauty. I've spent a great deal of time up there, as my family's cottage is in the area and my parents have lived there for nearly a decade. Every time I go home, I'm astounded by how many naturally gorgeous landscapes and hidden spots are there.

Heather, being a fellow photographer, understands that beautiful and unique locations can really make photos sing. She and Spencer (with some help from my mom) put a tonne of thought into where we would shoot. When I saw the places they'd chosen, I was absolutely thrilled!

We first travelled to the West Rocks of Owen Sound, where Heather and my mom had discovered a cave.

For the second location, Heather and Spencer hopped in his grandfather's truck and we drove to a beautiful, vivid yellow, canola field. 

Although it's not totally apparent in some of these photos, it was absolutely pouring rain during this part of the shoot. Luckily, my mom came along to help out and held an umbrella over me the entire time. Mom, you're the best! I couldn't have done this without you.

If you look closely here, you will see that they're wearing rings carved out of wood, which they made especially for their engagement session.

On the way home, we stopped by Morland Place, a stunning property that has been landscaped by a local gentleman that is open to the public.