montreal engagement | saleema & derek

"Of everyone on the committee, she shared the most eloquent comments, and I remember thinking to myself, 'wow, she's so much more than just a pretty face.'"

It was during a writer's committee meeting that Saleema's wit and beauty first attracted Derek's attention. Their shared passion for writing had led them to the same place at the right time.

For their engagement session, they chose the site of two particularly romantic moments from the beginning of their relationship: Windsor Station, where they had hurried to meet each other and steal a few precious moments before travel would separate them, and Dominion Square Tavern, the cozy and elegant gastropub where they shared drinks and stories and felt their mutual affection intensify.

It's so wonderful when clients choose locations that are particularly meaningful to them, and reflect a piece of the history of their love. I loved walking down memory lane with Saleema and Derek, and was so moved by the obvious crazy-in-love-best-friend-soul-mate-through-the-roof way they feel about each other. Their love is inspiring, playful, and crystal clear.

When I finished of Saleema's makeup by applying a vibrant coral lipstick, she looked up at Derek and I doubtfully.

"Isn't it a bit bright?"

"No, keep it on! You look so beautiful," Derek exclaimed, "and it goes so well with your dress."

In my opinion, a man who reveres the beauty of his partner and pushes her to rock bright lips is the best kind of man. So, Saleema kept the coral, but kissed it off within a few short minutes.

Derek and Saleema, thank you for choosing me as your wedding photographer. I can't wait to document every beautiful moment at your wedding this weekend. Good luck with your last-minute preparations, guys, and let the fun begin!