ottawa engagement | staci & daniel

"Who is that, and why don't I know him?"

Staci sat on the back patio of a bar, watching with great interest as a handsome man walked in and began chatting with some of her friends.

"That's Dan. Don't you know him?" Trevor, one of her friends asked.

"No, but I will," she responded with certainty.

Before long, she began to notice a pair of blue eyes staring intently glancing casually at her across the patio. Trevor, who noticed this as well, sauntered over to Dan and let him know that Staci, smart as a whip, knew full well he was checking her out. Minutes later, Dan, who had in fact locked his eyes on her the moment he walked in, got up the courage to introduce himself. Their connection was immediate and intense. Dan walked her home that night, hoping to see more of her soon. 

A few years later, Dan enlisted a friend to take Staci shopping under the guise of helping her choose something for herself. While there, Staci fell in love with a stunning Art Deco ring. A tiny part of her suspected, hoped, that it might belong to her one day. 

When, shortly thereafter, Dan presented her that very ring, she grinned widely and said yes to the blue-eyed man from the patio.

Dan and Staci now live in China with their adorable dog, Gizmo. They're back in Canada for a whirlwind tour to see family and friends and -- most importantly -- to tie the knot! We met up this weekend at some of their favourite Ottawa places for some photos to document their engagement.

Staci and Dan, I am so thrilled you chose me as your wedding photographer and I absolutely can't wait to photograph your big day THIS WEEKEND!

For their engagement session, we started at the Heart & Crown pub in Ottawa's Byward Market, in that very place where they first met.

Photo above (left) and below by Brian.

Can you believe how photogenic these two are? It's insane!

Photo above by Brian.

We headed up to Parliament Hill, where Staci had previously worked before their big move.

Photo above by Brian.

This next one by Brian.

The next two scenery shots also by Brian.

Looking forward to Saturday, guys!