happy first anniversary

Photo by Lisa Mark Photography.

The day after our wedding, a bright rainbow arched over a pink sky. I stepped out onto your parents deck and soaked in the beauty, my body still vibrating with excitement. So much had happened, and our future together rolled forward in my mind. I stayed outside in the rosy light, trying to stop time and stay in the afterglow forever. 

Later, as we prepared for our honeymoon, your dad explained that we could now go through customs together, as a family. 

I know this may sound ridiculous, but it was only at that moment when it finally clicked that a wedding is so much more than a party. I mean, it had been a fabulous party (let's be serious) but our big day was also just a catalyst for what we'd always wanted: to be together always.

Just like that, we were a family.

And, once our post-wedding hangovers had lifted and our suitcases were packed; once we spent two blissful weeks in California; once my dress was put away, and the dry cleaner got the wax (that my tossed bouquet, upsetting candles, had unceremoniously spilled all over you) out of your suit; once we drove back to our Montreal apartment and returned to the community we love; once the adrenaline surge of the wedding waned and the happy rhythm of our lives resumed, that's when the fun really began.

Our marriage is what happens every day as we create our lives, thoughtfully intertwined together, but with lots of room for growth on both sides.

Our first year of marriage, our seventh in love, has been the best one. 

I know why the wedding afterglow was so alluring, and why I wanted to stay there, but a feeling is something you experience alone. It becomes cold and empty if you try to live within it. Experiences, memories, challenges, arguments, hopes and dreams (and we have so many of all of the above)--those are the things that stoke the fire of love. I believe they are the building blocks of a life lived together.

Thanks Jenn G, Carolyn, Dev, and JLJ for the photos above

You drive me just as crazy as you did before I got the courage to tell you I was crazy about you. You were my friend before I loved you, and now I love my best friend.

This first year moved swiftly, filled to the brim with fun. All of the moments, the highs and lows alike, were so strong and memorable.

The year ahead holds a lot of changes and surprises. Changes that we're choosing and decisions we're making together are forging a path that both intimidates and delights us. Wherever we end up, we'll be home because we're together.

Happy anniversary!

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