jennie's bridal shower

In just over a month, my best friend Jennie will marry the love of her life, Zach. 

One of the many reasons why love it when my friends get married is that my camera and I get to be a big part of all the wonderful festivities. I had fun taking photos to celebrate Jennie and Zach's engagement last summer, and I'll be documenting the first part of their big day next month. The rest will be captured by Jesse Hildebrand, a fellow photographer, as I'll be busy participating in the day's celebrations.

Last weekend, I travelled to Jennie's hometown to join the party at her bridal shower. She was a vision in peach, simply glowing with happiness and excitement. Her mom and sisters did a fabulous job planning a perfect event.

Jennie and Zach, I'm so psyched for you guys and absolutely cannot wait until your big day!

Zach stopped by to drop off flowers and hug his bride-to-be.

 Jennie and me (above) and the two of us + Brian (below)